Hello dear friends!

We want to share what we have been doing in the last month. We continue the work of youth and children’s clubs. On average, 25 people come to youth clubs, an average of 30 people come to children’s clubs. The kids clubs are actively being served by the guys from the youth club “Young Life”. Children’s clubs are held once a week, every time we make lunches for children who come to us. Youth meetings 3 times a week, including the home Bible study group, which brings 10-12 people.

We also visited 15 low-income families, to whom we brought food packages and donated bibles.

Now we are actively preparing for the summer camps. We will have them 4:

  • Day Camp for children 6-12 years old, 10-14 June
  • Day Camp for teenagers 13-18 years old, June 17-22
  • 1st shift of the tent camp, August 2-6,
  • 2nd shift of the tent camp, August 7-11

Thank you so much for your prayers, moral and material support. Together we can do a lot.

We bless you, we embrace with love in Christ, Victor and Victoria Urasinovs.

Да благословит Вас Великий Бог! С уважением Виктор Урасинов.

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