Well, my February update will not be as big as the last month’s.

Vera is doing good. We are getting adjusted in our new church, attending seminars and meetings, building new relationships. The church leaders are willing to support our ministry. We are starting a new men’s group in this church, in a small town first. Then they/we will see how it goes and decide if we take this ministry farther into the church.

Also they are ready to work together in Norway. There are many people with passports who can speak English more or less and are willing to travel to Vadsø every once in a while.

We continue to meet with our team of men from different churches. It’s usually difficult to organize the meetings, because all guys live in different places. But we do meet and they are a great encouragement for me.

Masha had a class in Olenegorsk last week. That was her first event after Vera was born. The class was attended by twelve women from Olenegorsk and nearby towns. Some unsaved also attended. That was a blessing both for the women who came and for Masha.

I made a trip to Vadsø, Norway. We had a prayer evening on Saturday and I preached in Church Sunday morning. We’ll see what grows out of that.

We are waiting on the Lord to show us our next steps. Just trying to rest in Him and do whatever we can do here and now.

Here is a video about last year’s ski trip –