Dear Friends and Supporters! I was overwhelmed emotionally and everything with my trip to a Beautiful For Specious Skies For Amber Waves of Grain! That is why I was OFF communication for ages. I am so very thankful to all my hosts who served my taking me back and forth feeding my entertaining me hoping she not staying with us forever, right?

I am back fresh and sound. I brought a lot of gifts to the children small and big.

One if my boys Pasha is about to get a flat. Yesterday I went with him to see it. I was glad I went. We found some undone, unfinished stuff there. I told the officials about that. Their respond was be happy to get the flat for free and take care about that stuff by yourself. I said it is not right you have to finish the work before you offer the flat.

They yelled at me. I was blessed. Now they know Pasha has someone behind him to take care.

As you know Robert is out of the Army. He came to visit the solders bringing them two bags of food. It took him 3 hours to get there and money to buy food. All the boys were shocked.

Robert told them a lot about the love of God when he was in a Army but now he is showing it caring about the ones who is still there hungry. This way he will bring more people to God then by words. Robert is soooo good. We are so proud of him.

Volodya and Vera are in Holland riding bicycles. Volodya’s mother came to take care the children. It is great to have a grandmother! Grandmas usually cook much better.

Single Moms Home is doing active. They spend more time outside. Olya and Vasya help the mother with three little kids to go to the Black Sea get sun and swim. We had a few hot days. Now it is back to normal weather:cool and cloudy, about 60F.  I love it. I know it sounds good to you but none of you want to move to live in Siberia thou I wonder why..

Love you and thank you for all your efforts to keep us alive and healthy! God bless you!

Marina and all of the Road Of Life people.

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