Here is our little update.

This month the seniors at our school had their final exams and they did well, I was very proud of them. Though our type of school does not prepare students for University, Matvey and Masha want to try enter Universities. Both Matvey and Masha are academically gifted and also possess admirable character qualities –they are very responsible, hardworking, honest and sincere. They remind me of Anya Sholkovich very much, they even come from the same village, but have different family situations.

Anya is in the middle of taking her tests for University too.  I pray and hope that the recent situation with her siblings (they are at the edge of being removed from home) does not discourage her from focusing on her future. I can see how she is dealing with all the pain the situation brings as a mature person in Christ. She is not in a position (a place in her life) to take custody of the children but she will never leave them and I am sure will have a big influence on their lives.

Syomkovo village kids come to church regularly.  We prepare “Sunday sandwiches” with them, it has become our tradition.

On the 27th of May they went to Minsk to participate in the Christian festival of Arts and Drama.

They prepared a dance together with Sunday school teachers and won a prize for their performance.

It is a big joy and victory in Christ, the awards they got were special to them, but the biggest victory and joy is their lives in Christ!

Anya and her brother and sister when we spent a day at my place. We even had a special cooking class and learned how to make “happy bliny”.

Anya was teaching them and as well as preparing lunch for everyone.

Vanya was so excited about the process, we even took a little photo story of him becoming a “Master of Bliny (crepes)” as he called himself.

It was a blessed time in spite of their not so happy circumstances.

We believe God has good plans and the future for all of His children.

With Love in Christ,



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