Stoneworks International board member Larry Heller traveled to Minsk, Belarus with 235 pairs of Bombas socks. Thirty pairs would be given to a children’s emergency shelter in Minsk, 75 pairs to the Rodoshkovichi Boarding School, and 50 pairs to the Inavets boarding school for kids with mobility challenges.

Also, 30 pairs would be left with Olga Goncharenko, director of Stoneworks partner Spring Of Revival, to meet needs among the poor village families and foster families she serves. Finally, 50 pairs would be given to the Zhitkovichi orphanage, a facility located a few hours by car outside of Minsk. The socks were gratefully received.

On December 12th, Larry took 50 pairs of socks to an extraordinary family in Soroca, Moldova. Viktor Urasinov, the pastor of a small church, with his wife Viktoria, added 9 adopted and foster children to their family of 2 biological boys. When the socks were presented, Viktor literally shouted “NOSKI!!!” (НОСКИ! – Russian for ‘socks’). The Urasinovs will meet the family’s needs for socks and give the remaining pairs where they’re needed in the community.

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