Dear Friends Family and Supporters!

Life is amazing in all seasons. It forms new traditions. In our family homes they have begun to read Bible stories and talk about them every day. Before, it happened one or two times a week because of intense school work and other educational activities like swimming pools and art schools….it takes much time in our city to travel from place to place and kids come home exhausted. Praise God for the wisdom of our house parents to make kids really interested in the Bible. Nothing but this thing is the most valuable: the hearts of children and parents are coming back to God and to each other.

They do some crafts together. They go fishing, go to parks to feed ducks. We see beautiful new kind of ducks came to our lakes. I am sure some new fish came too, maybe even sharks.

One of our moms, Masha ,got sick. The corona test was done but the result is in a few days. She stays home with two little boys of hers.
I have pain in my ear (too long out in cold wind). We had snow yesterday.

I come to see my girl Nastya at the orphanage. We just stood and looked at each other thru the iron fence, keeping a big distance. Kids there are allowed to walk in the garden around the orphanage building.

I do not want to make the letter long (I know some people are bored already, they know who they are). Please contact me about any details. More than happy to contact you back!

Thank you for being stable support for us . God is soooo good! All the time.

Love, Marina

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