Dear family in the Lord,

Here is new from the Evangelical Church “Word of God”, in Podgorica, Montenegro.


We were very happy that guests from Herzegovina helped with a puppet show:

Christmas program / Shoe box distribution – Podgorica – Zabljak – Pljevlja

We are finishing our distribution of shoe boxes for this season. It was exciting time for us.

This time, beside Podgorica, we also did distribution in Pljevlja and Zabljak, towns on the north of Montenegro, where there are no presence of Evangelical believers. In previous years we didn’t have much of opposition even though we were doing shoe box Christmas program in public place in Podgorica.

These northern towns are more rural area and people are rougher in their dealings with problems. Just few days before we were planning to go there for shoe box distribution somebody put negative on-line information that made bad rumors of us as also threatening to stop our Christmas program and shoe box distribution. This experience was very good for us to become stronger and more resistant to the pressure.

We are thankful for God’s protection that there were no incidents but also for the opportunity to learn that the enemy is trying to find any way to disturb. We are very thankful that even in that kind of environment some people responded to stay in for further contact with us.

In addition to distribution in the northern cities, we also had five Christmas programs in Podgorica. In total, around 2000 shoe boxes distributed by our team.


We were always interested from the beginning of our small fellowship to have eldership team as a leading structure. It took long time of investment to go through certain reading material about the theme. We were going over all Biblical requirements for someone to be recognized as an elder.

Finally, we came to the point to have a team of three men. We are really excited that we, as a whole assembly, came to the final conclusion of this important issue for our church structure and life. We count it as historical moment in our church.


We are so glad that the people are hungry to learn more. In the month of February we have few seminars (History Makers, Turning Point, CHE) that are great teachings in helping individuals for the growth in maturity and learning how to prepare and do the ministry.

Building project

We informed you in our last prayer letter that we bought a property (1550m2 = 4650 feet2) which is in a great location in the city. This is such a gift from God! We are keen to build a building that will serve not just for our church meetings, but also to be a mission center for Montenegro.

I want to use this year as a year of spreading the information to whomever is interested to become a partner in making it possible. We feel so privileged to live in such a time like this – to build a FIRST church building for Evangelical believers in Montenegro. We pray that people will get excited also as the Lord is prompting in the hearts of the spiritual family to take action to pray and follow God’s instructions.

If you feel led to promote this project in your area, please write back to get specifically created material with more details of the whole idea of having this kind of facility.

If you are interested to support this project financially, please contact us to get instructions of the best transfer solution from your country.

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