See more information about the new building here

At the moment Marijana and I are at a retreat in France with other missionaries in Europe. I was thinking I will be able to write our regular news from here, but the schedule is pretty full so didn’t have a chance.

I am writing now just a short notes about our building project.

At the moment we are waiting on government papers, approval for the building. As September will start we will begin to pursue it because the timeframe that they promised the procedure will be finished is already broken.

As soon as that will be finished, we will be able to start the building work. We are already informing different groups that are interested to help us in interior work so that we can finish it soon to the stage of using the facility for the church meetings.

Regarding the budget, we see God’s blessing but still there is a need of about €75,000 to close the gap of estimated budget (€350,000 total).

Thank you for your interest in this project. Please pray that the government papers will be done in right time and that we can make all right decisions in the process.

In Christ,