Dear Friends and Supporters!

Thank you for your care and prayers that our children get well sooner, then it will result in praise to God!

Vera and Volodya plan to take 2 children, a brother and sister, from the shelter. Social workers asked about these two. They are 6 and 9 years old.

Their son Nikita went to another city to study at University. Sergey (see the sweet picture of him and Volodya below) will leave the Home within the month. He is ready to start the life of an adult person.

So…the Home is getting ready to become the family for two new children. Praise God. Please pray for wisdom for Vera and Volodya to become parents for these new kids.

We had wonderful conversation with Vera. She said God gave her a feeling that a lot of her own children suffer in shelters and she has to find them fast. She wants to fill the Home with children as soon as possible (please pray God direct her in this). Please pray for her health: she has stomach, liver and bone issues.

Young women in Single Moms Home are learning from Olya and Vasya to live the life with God’s direction. Slowly…..but surely.

Thank you for your hearts for us! May God bless you. Love. Marina.

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