I am again pleased to introduce new partners; today we welcome Victor and Victoria Urasinov. They live in Soroco, Moldova and have been good friends for the past few years. Stoneworks has sent teams and financial support for their ministry, and now we welcome them to Stoneworks as our newest “Living Stones.” Here are a few words from them:

We are Victor and Victoria Urasinov. We have been married for 26 years and currently we have 10 children (8 are foster children) in our family that are living at home. We think that this is not the end as we expect that we will have new children in the near future.

Victor has a pastoral ministry in a church of about 40 members.The church is actively engaged in preaching the Gospel through social projects, through serving to children, adolescents, and youth. At the church, there is a Young Life youth club with about 35 members at this time.

We are now preparing to have Christmas parties for more than 200 children with the help of the church and youth club. After the New Year, we will start a children’s club for at-risk children. We are planning to serve 30-40 children.

Every summer we have camps for more than 100 teenagers. Some camps are day camps and others are tent camps.

If there are any questions, please contact us.

Blessings Victor and Victoria.

To support their ministry, visit out Support page, click on the big red button and choose “Moldova: Victor Urasinov” from the drop down menu.

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