I am very glad to introduce another new partner. All Nations is led by my dear friends Kakule and Julia Loluako. Stoneworks is committed to supporting the work of local churches, submitting to local leadership and helping them do what God is calling them to do. All Nations is a great fit with us, and here is news about the church and the life God has given them: 

All Nations Christian Center was founded in St. Petersburg, Russia as a ministry of New Harvest International in 1994 by Stephen Shenton, a missionary from Manchester UK. In 1997, Pastor Stephen met with some students from different countries of Africa. This marked a turn for the vision of the pastor, to build a church that not only reaches locals but also embraces people from all nations.

From that time on, the church saw a big flow of people from all over the world: Russian people, students, missionaries and a few international businessmen. Thus becoming a family where people from different nations and social backgrounds gather together as one.

When the founding Pastor left to go back to England, his assistant pastor took over the leadership of the church until Kakule Loluako Bonane became the senior pastor.

With the course of time, the Church became a multifaceted ministry center where different gifts and talents started to operate. A dynamic worship team, powerful student group, passionate children workers and others.

One of the predominant ministry was the student work in different universities through which we saw a dynamic move of God, where many people gave their lives to Christ and others rededicating themselves to the Lord.

Many of them grew spiritually and became well prepared servants of the Lord beside their secular education. Our desire as a Church is to continue helping them to attain the maximum in their callings.

Our Church is involved in the life of the city through different activities including other churches and outreaches. We organize inter-church praise and worship celebrations. We also invite different speakers to minister the word of God through conferences and seminars.

In 2010 we started soup kitchen for homeless people. Our prayer is to develop this ministry into a restoration home.

We have organized a number of short-term mission trips to different cities and villages of Russia and desire to organize more.

God has been faithful throughout these years keeping the church moving no matter the different waves and storms that hit her. We believe that our next step into this new season is to trust God for the expansion of our vision. We have a strong desire to plant churches in different countries where some of our graduates are.

You may support All Nations by visiting our Support Page and choosing All Nations Church from the menu options.