Dear Family, Friends and Supporters!

I hope you are healthy, happy and filled with the Joy of The Lord, which is our strength. Our life in Family Homes is full of joy and tears. Each  day brings new things.

One of our girls, Katya, who lived in the VeraVolodya Home delivered a baby boy 2 days ago. The other girl Anya who lives there now had a skin transplant surgery. I took her from the hospital yesterday.

Now the Home is getting ready for the New school  year. ️ School is going to be Real! There will be new schedule and less students in a room to avoid “you know what”. But still! Living kids and teachers around. The kids missed that so very much. Of course they all have to wear masks and wash hands and on and on… We have Albina who goes to the 1st grade. She showed me yesterday all the new shiny things for school: shoes, bag, notebooks. Exciting!

Moms’ Home and its grads went out to the lakes and rivers a lot this Summer, the weather was so nice.  ️

In this covid time our homes have become like the Salvation Army or Red Cross, giving out food and other supplies to the grads who lost their jobs or their salary was lowered. These new times bring new challenges, but God stays the same — faithful and loving. Praise and Glory to Him for ever and ever!

Thank you all for Being God’s heart and hands for us. Oh, my… Such far away but love has no distances and love is not canceled.

Love you all. God bless you.


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