Dear Friends and Family!

The weather is splendid and Russians jumped out of their isolated life into crowded beaches to get the sun as much as possible. The virus goes on meanwhile.

I visited an eye doctor (physician found high blood pressure). He said the hospitals are full and now it might get worse because people got tired of isolation and act crazy. His colleague the eye doctor died at the age of 35. Sad.  Well, anyway I feel myself like I live in oasis or something. The viruses die around me praise God.

Little Anya was diagnosed with corona (she works in hospital). Poor thing told her neighbours in her communial flat about it explaining why she is home for quarantine. Oh my..they got scared to death and hate her badly. they yell at her any time she goes out of her room. It gets impossible for her to live there. She spends all day outside coming back to sleep. She feels ok by the way. She rides her bicycle ALL day long instead of resting at home. If you know her please send a note of encouragement. She really needs it.

In the picture at right you can see Anya, the new VeraVolodya girl. She needs  lots of love and encouragement (a year ago her friends put vodka all over her for fun and set her on fire). Surgery after surgery. For teenage girl to have the skin damage on the face neck arms means the end of life. Praise God He directed her to VeraVolodya Home to be embraced with love and joy and laughter..

Some orphans go to the camp in July(Druzhnik) Tatyana’s kids.

Well life is full of many things here. Please contact me with questions if you like.

Thank you so very much for your help love and care…may God bless you and keep you very healthy!

Divine health for all of you in the name of Jesus  ! Love you!

Marina and the Road of Life.

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