Hi again,

Now I will try to tell what has been going on here.

We returned from Norway less than a week ago. To tell the truth, we all hated to go. The church made a farewell party the last Sunday we were there. They all brought food from home, nobody wanted to go home after service. In fact, they were crying going home, knowing that we would not be there next Sunday. Honestly, we did too.

The elders prepared a contract for me to sign, for the Norwegian migration officials. Now I can apply for the religious visa.

During this time we started a sermon for children – 10 minutes before the main one, organized mothers so they made shifts on sundays with the children. Prepared a lot of materials for them. Bible class started. During these weeks we could cover first 12 verses of Genesis 1. Did a lot of other smaller things: painted the church building in Vardø, had numerous prayer walks, met with people.

I was praying for men, and God brought the first Norwegian man with his family the last Sunday we were there. Now we can start a men’s group)) Now we know we must come back for a long time. This is our church, our place, our mission now. Now we are trying to figure out what our next steps should be.

About Daniel and Africa

We’ve been praying and looking for the ways for him to go to Africa this Fall. And the Lord provided one. He us going to Kenya to the town named Bungoma, near Uganda border. There’s a mission there, the pastor I have known for a few years. Local guy, we met in Norway when he was visiting. A good man. Daniel will be staying there for three months.

Yesterday his journey started, and it did adventurously. He had a flight from Kirkenes to Oslo. I booked a bus for him from Murmansk to Kirkenes and a taxi cab to get from Polyarny to the bus stop.

The taxi arrived 17 minutes late. As the result, he had to speed up to be on time at the bus stop. I asked him not to, because he was driving really scary. He ignored. So, just a couple of miles before the bus stop he created a collision.

He was passing another car climbing uphill, and from the other side of the hill two other cars were doing the same. We all met on the top. Wet and dirty road, dirty windshield, all lanes occupied with cars driving 80 mph toward each other… I was shouting Jesus. That was all I could do. Only by the grace of God we avoided collision and somehow squeezed between two cars, but lost traction and were spinning uncontrollably on the road. Landed on our side. All safe, the car without a scratch. Three other cars smashed.

So, we were late for the bus. We had no other options, but to hitchhike toward the border. Happily, a car stopped soon. The guy was so good that after 169 kilometers they caught up with the bus and Daniel crossed the border and was at the airport on time.

About Our Car

Six months after the accident have passed, so I can begin repairs. When we arrived I called to the shop and asked them to start. Must start this week.

Some plans

  • I am invited to speak at a men’s conference in Bodø, in the middle of Norway, November 10-11
  • Masha is invited to a woman’s conference in St Pete, late November
  • In February we are doing a men’s retreat in Finland for Finnish and Russian men
  • Next summer I’m planning to restart base camp for men in Norway and tundra camp in Russia
  • In September we are having a series of men’s meetings in Greenland

Please pray for these plans and ideas.