Dear Friends and Family! The Summer of the Lord goes on….it is time for travels, camps, sun, swimming…

I have two important life-changing prayer needs.

1. R___ (at right). He had a passion to become a priest in Orthodox church. He spent a year in seminary. He came to conclusion the system is corrupt and the student are taught how to make money by using people’s faith rather then making disciples. He is very down in his faith, thinking and talking about death. He doesn’t know what to do where to study and work, no purpose no goal. The picture of him smiling is such an opposite of what he really feels. We had long conversation. I only wanted to put one thing in his mind: hold on to Jesus….also being an orphan he seeks love and care in people but doesn’t find it in the Orthodox system.

2. P____. He got sexually transmitted disease (funny enough, he doesn’t want be to get disappointment and says he has no clue what happened, like maybe he was swimming in a dirty lake). He was prescribed the medicine that effected his liver…anyways, he doesn’t work, he likes to float on the “dirty lakes”. He is sweet. I love him. I just want him to fall in love with Jesus before he destroys himself.

We have new mother, A___, and her daughter M____ in the Single Moms Home. She was often abused by her man and eventually ran away. She has no place to live. Emotionally ruined.

On the other picture is Z____ with her son V___. The same situation as A___, except her boy got boiling hot water on his legs because his mother was emotionally broken by her man attitude and abuse. She was not able to keep an eye on her little boy well enough. Some parts of skin was transplanted. It happened a few months ago. The skin was healing very slowly and got cracked from time to time. Z___  was in the hospital with V___ a lot. It is getting much much better now. The boy started smiling!

I  also visited N___ (she is a grad of our family home). She is a happy mother of 7 months son L___ .

The other two pictures are just cute. There are our grads Anya and Anya. It is wonderful to see how they make their life beautiful helping each other and holding up to God. One of them went to Austria last month for a Christian conference then visited her friend in Holland, then some other a few countries…wow! She makes good money working hard to travel that much! What a girl! She is from mentally delayed orphanage. But the love of God opened her brain to an excellent abilities! Glory to God! He is good.

Thank you for staying with us through all these years making us able to help those kids to find the right way in life. We love you. God bless you.


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