Dear Friends and Family!

Happy to say life goes on, bringing positive changes in lives of our children and their mothers. The young mothers who graduated from our Family Homes keep close contact needing help in raising up their little ones. One of them named Vera said, ‘help me to raise up my daughter to become like you.’ Sweet. They feel secure having us as their emotional help and  support in any way they need.

A new group of orphan girls (above) come once a month to the Home. These visits help them to see how a good family functions since they are all from broken families. When a little child is taken from the family full of abuse and violence, they do not have an idea that it could be different. It is important to see that God and love are the foundation of a family. We are thankful to God that the counselor from the orphanage understands the importance of that and keeps bringing her children to visit us. Please pray for her health. Her name is Tatyana.

Please pray for our young mother Katya (her boy is playing with cat on the picture at right). She is in a deep depression after breaking with the father of her son. Her self-esteem fell down, down. She is like paralyzed, frozen emotionally. She can not make any decision, always answering: ‘I do not know’. The boy needs her support but she can not provide that. He comes from the school very sad saying, ‘why do I not have a father. I want to have a father, what did you do wrong that I have no father?’ Those questions put her down and down. . .

The other mother’s mom died a few months ago in her homeland which is very far from our city, like a few days by train. But she did not have money to go for funerals because of crises she lost  her job and all her relatives turned away from her saying she was a bad daughter. She was not able to pay rent and feed her little son (he looks oriental on the picture). Now she is coming out of that stress in our Home. Praise God for our counselors Olya and Vasya. They are very wise and gentle in their help to those broken-hearted women. Thank you so very much for your prayers and support. It saves lives.

Much more I can write. Every day we have something new good or sad. So please, you are welcome to ask me questions.

Love you my dear friends for your hearts full of love of God. May God be your help in any situation.


Marina and all of us


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