Beloved Friends and Supporters!

We wish you Much Joy in this Christmas season . Jesus is a gift to us all. He truly saved me at the age of 29 when I was loosing desire to live and drinking alcohol to get some joy. But there is no true joy outside of Jesus.

One of the single moms went to the prison 2 years ago. She fell in love with the guy who was addicted to drugs and she wanted to try it. As a result she helped him to keep and distribute drugs. She had 3 kids. All of them are now adopted. Christians whom I know go that prison. She came to listen once and found out that they know me. She asked if I could visit her. She is an orphan and has no one to come. Her boyfriend visited her once and brought her drugs in a can of jelly. It was found and she was put in a place with very limited freedom for a year. Now he is in a prison as well. He keeps writing her he loves her and she is a woman of his dreams. He has used drugs since 1999. She said she had a no place to live, and maybe he could be changed and they can be a family again. Still naive. It was great she began to attend Bible studies in her prison. God surely wants to rescue her. She leaves the prison in May. Please pray for Alyena.

I visited her yesterday. What a place to be. We talked through the glass for 2 hours. I told her that she is a part of our family and we love her.

I jump from one Christmas party to another…. What a life! Vera and Volodya joyfully celebrate the birth of Jesus with the their two new kids. They wish you a happy merry Christmas and send you greetings for your love and help! You are amazing people with a big heart.

Love. Marina and us.

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