Dear brothers and sisters,

We hope that by the grace of Almighty God you are alive and He blesses you abundantly by His hands! We send our latest news and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, help and participation in the ministry to orphans.

Someone said – “our past experiences may have made us who we are, but we should not remain so.”

The Lord, knowing the human heart, makes an amazing transformation in the lives of young people. It’s nice to see them grow up and take root in God. They serve by showing God’s love for others and by preaching the word of Jesus.

Update on Young Lady’s Jaw

In the past, we wrote a story about this young Christian lady. We raised funds for V and want to thank you so much for helping. Orthodontists installed braces for her. She is still undergoing a course of treatment and continues to be observed by specialists. So far, there are no unexpected dynamics, and she may still need a surgery on her jaw. V is very worried about this.

We pray and trust in the Lord that the doctors will do everything right.

Birthday Celebrations and Transformations

We had the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the son of M and the late S. T is 2 years old. It was nice to meet, chat and give gifts to this little boy. U and L (young Christians) served and helped M organize the birthday party. Unfortunately, M has not yet accept Jesus and very rarely comes to church. Perhaps she has a grudge against God and cannot accept the fact of her husband’s death.

Pray with us that one day the life of both mother and son will be transformed through faith in Christ.

A Camp for Young Adults

With God’s and your help, we ran a camp. The topic was “How to Develop Healthy Family Relationships”. With us were believers and non-believers. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, prayer and worship.

God also gave us the opportunity to testify about His love for and the value of the Christian family. For many of us, these meetings were inspiring. We hope that events like this will encourage growth and strength in the Lord, as well as be a testament to God’s plan of salvation for unbelievers.

Once again, many thanks for all the support of our projects. We also especially need your prayers for all of us.

May the God of peace, love and grace bless you,
Yan and Nadya.