For the fourth year, a team from Prince Avenue Church School and St. James United Methodist Church, both from Athens, Georgia, ran an English camp at Camp Gideon, in Northeastern Estonia. Forty five young Estonians attended the camp.

It was a blessed time. The counselors were excellent, the lessons went very well, and most importantly Jesus was preached and glorified. Truth was spoken, people felt the presence of the Spirit of God and responded to Him.

We hope to start a Junior Counselor program for campers who have attended the camp every year but will be too old to attend next year. This would be an excellent opportunity for these young people to step up to more responsibility, continue the relationships that have been started over the years, be helpful by serving as interpreters and assisting the camp counselors.

Many thanks to Laura Rechkemmer and Dima & Elissa Bahtin. Camp went very smoothly this year because of their service as camp coordinators.