My dear American Friends!

On the 4th of July you celebrated the Independence of your country. Congratulation! Your country is a blessing in many ways for the whole World because people like you live there! You are the National Treasure.

Parents know how important it is to help a child become an Independent, responsible and wise person. Such as….. A! One of the orphan grads N got addicted to alcohol. She broke her leg, broke her shoulder bone and many other damages, Three years of not paying bills, no money…

A learned about it and she did exactly what I would do: she took her to eat, talked to her to find out what she wants to do with her life, invited her to the church, bought her food for the week, payed urgent bills, washed the floor in her room, she took her out for a walk every day.. So N made a decision to change her life. She goes this week to rehab 3 hours away from the city. A is buying her all she needs for that and helps her to get there.

That is all I want: my girls become dependent upon the Lord and Independent in life. Have a compassion and know how to help. This is my joy.

I celebrate the Day of Independence of A! Please pray for N to get free from her addiction and follow Christ.

Thank you for helping us to raise up our kids. We love you.