Hello Stoneworks family! Greetings from Dima, Elissa and DANIEL- the newest and cutest addition!

Well, I know everyone has had a very abnormal spring. We completed our school-year by giving video English lessons from March through May. This was a blessing, to be able to continue work in a time when many people lost jobs and or their incomes.

Because of quarantine, work in Christian camp Gideon started earlier than normal because more people had more free time. By June, we began the summer with new windows and roofs for the Children’s buildings and many other projects. God’s work clearly doesn’t stop because of a pandemic!

The Estonian government thankfully allowed summer camps, and we had 7 full weeks – hundreds of children – with not one case of coronavirus! Praise God! The spiritual atmosphere in camp was noticeable this year. We believe this is due to the number of prayers offered up like never before! We had many children give their lives to Christ this summer, and that’s why we do what we do!!! God is good.

We closed camp on the 14th of August and from the 17th-22nd, we went on “vacation” (tent camping in the forest) while we waited for our little boy to arrive. He came 4 days late, on the 23rd of August! It was DEFINITELY a blessed summer indeed.

We plan to be in the USA for the holiday season. Please pray for America, as this is a very crucial time for all Americans but especially Christian Americans.

We love and appreciate you all!

With Blessings,

The Bahtin Family