Dear Friends and Family! It’s been so wonderful busy Christmas and New Year season to enjoy and celebrate. We have some new things happened.

A new baby was born by our grad girl. The mother’s name is Nadya. That is her first baby. She is overwhelmed. We have a new single mother with a little son. Her boy is in the picture. Adorable.

Robert, our brave solder, is preaching the Gospel in the Army by his life and humble sweet personality. He was beaten many times for being Christian which made him even stronger in faith. He made a decision to become a priest. We go to visit him to bring meat and fruits he likes a lot and  encourage him to let him know he is our family.

The Vera and Volodya Home invited a new group of 8 orphan girls to build friendship. The girls and the counselor liked the party and decided to come regularly. Next time we are going to teach them to play chess and have some other fun things like eating…

This Winter keeps bringing lots of snow. During Winter break the Vera and Volodya Home took a few days to have fun in a village to spend time together as a family playing in snow. There were horses, sledges, husky dogs and no internet! what a blast!

Many grads from both homes came to visit House parents because they became true family for them. They brought their husbands and children.

We praise God for the opportunity to serve orphans to become not orphans but members of our family. It brings deep healing in their broken hearts. Thank you for supporting our ministry. We would not be able to do much without you. We love you. God bless you and your families.

P. S. Please ask any questions about anything you like to know. It is not possible to tell much in one letter. It might make some people bored and sleepy (they know whom I mean ).

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