It is a divine privilege to be writing and updating you on how our ministry is been doing amid the outbreak of corona virus which has recently struck many countries across the globe.

Russia differs not from the other countries which have recently taken measures to minimize the spreading of the virus. Like many other countries, one of the measures taken by the Russian government is to minimize social contact and we are currently on self-isolation. Universities have been shut down and academic activities are carried out on distance learning portals. The same applies to the body of Christ the Church. Our mid-week gatherings and Sunday services have been also affected by these suspensions.

However, praise be to our God who has enriched his people with wisdom to the manifestation of technology. Technology has become a great-mobilization of our mid-week gatherings and Sunday services. Nothing has changed except that our meetings are held on live streams through various social platforms i.e. zoom, skype, Facebook, YouTube etc. In the spirit there is no distance, whenever two or more are gathered in agreement in any form the Lord is in their midst.

We are therefore very much capitalizing on the technology to have things as normal as possible. We have also encouraged students to start fellowships in their respective hostels in small groups while we praying for the nations of the world during this critical time.

God is using the church in providing for the needs of people who have been affected with this lockdown. Some of our students had no financial means to uphold them in this difficult time. So we have been providing some basic needs like food and toiletry. God is faithful in that just as this lockdown started, a pastor friends of ours gave us about 100kg of frozen vegetables that has helped if in this food pastry.

Thank you very much for standing with us. It’s always an encouragement to know that we’re not alone. We are as well praying for you and I know that we’ll see the hand of God at work. I pray that our hearts will not be troubled even as we see this disaster is affecting so many people. God is still on the throne. Let’s keep our focus on Him and off the news in the world. Stay blessed.