For the past six years we’ve run a camp for a women’s rehab center. This rehab center is special because it allows the women to have their children with them at the center; most often women must go through rehab without their children which can then can to broken families.

The camp really consists of three camps – one for the mothers, one for the children and one for the babies. Activities included English classes, reading Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot, teaching on discipleship, knitting, crocheting and cooking tortillas (!). Many meaningful one-on-one conversations were had. Several of the mothers said the camp is like a resort for them, “it’s amazing that we’re here, you’re taking care of our kids and doing all of this for us.” They didn’t have to worry about anything for an entire week, and that is a great gift for people who have been fighting hard to overcome addictions. They were encouraged in their walk with Jesus and received His kindness through the ministry team.

Olga Cantrell was the lead administrator, and she was joined by a great team who served selflessly. Two Americans joined in, and interestingly both speak Russian. That simplified things (not needing so much interpretation), and they served very well.

On a side note, the place where we held the camp is for sale. Please contact us if you’re interested in supporting the purchase of that land.

Here is a video of all the fun –