Dear Beloved Ones!

What a wonderful important time we live in!  Things get changed so fast!  New viruses, elections, no elections (we have an eternal president).

When I was a little girl I liked to watch the stars. I grew up in a little town where the sky is dark and the stars shine bright.  When I moved to a big city I found that the stars disappeared  because of the lights of a big city! But I knew they were there.

They shine only when it’s dark. No matter who rules the country it gets darker in the world. This is the time for us to shine.

These children will deal with the consequences of the choices we make. Some choices are good some not. Humans make mistakes. But the Truth is One. The Light is One. And the Right Way is only One.

Our next generation needs to see it in us so that they become shining stars for their children. God is always good. He remains the same. He loves all the people. His Son died for all of us. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I love you very much. God bless America.


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