Dear beloved People!

The sunny summer is over . The fall with lots of cold rains came . Kids are back to school.

We have 3 issues we need prayer about :

1. V  and V’s adopted boy Z stole money that their son S had saved working during the Summer. Z bought a phone and other stuff. The most dramatic thing about that is the boy doesn’t feel shame, just feels nothing. We noticed that kind of emotional problem long time ago. It is not getting better yet. He likes knives, other sharp things…of course, he is a boy but he acts cruel sometimes and doesn’t sense it. We beg you to pray God open the heart of that boy and heal it.

2. The other boy D tried alcohol and synthetic drugs. His biological father died lately. And even though they did not have a relationship the boy went wild after he got the news. We ask you to pray for him please.

3. N, after being rejected by her boyfriend, got involved into porno…. Oh my… So much pain in her heart. She could not stay in that for long. She feels terrible and empty.

And of course V and V need support in prayer. They need to be encouraged. If you send them some note or give a call…….

The Mom’s Home is doing great. Counselors often take them out to parks and camps. One of moms said she want to stay there forever. She’s never met such kind people in her life. The other mom who kept silent for a year started opening up and smiling. Her little boy is lovely.

rfh sep 2022

In the picture you can see me with a babushka from Mariupol. She is 85 yo. She is traveling to Norway with her daughter and grandson. They stayed in my home for a few days. She lost her home but saved photo album of her family.

We love you and thank you for your efforts to keep us happy and alive .


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