Stoneworks, through one of our partners, has been helping a very poor family in Eastern Europe. If you would like to help meet this need, please visit our Support Page and write “Urgent” in the memo line of your donation. Here is what our partner wrote concerning the family’s need:

Stoneworks has been of great help to S. on several occasions and this is the only support they get. As they have needs I am convinced to share about them and I am sure there are brothers and sisters who are seeking the opportunity to serve the Lord providing for the ones in need.

The house they live in the village is a very humble one. And it constantly requires a lot of work. Or it will have a problem like the plumbing disaster Stoneworks helped them to manage last year.

It is heated with firewood. They have to buy the logs and then saw them with a chainsaw. It is hard work for a woman and a teenage boy but they have managed it till their chainsaw broke. It is quite a crisis for them now, and they cannot afford to buy a new one, because it is very expensive – about $400.

The fireplace they have is a very old one. It requires to be replaced it with something more modern like a heater that can use different types of fuel and more economical and safe to manage. This must be done in summer and the estimate cost of everything is about $1000.

Also the grass around the house needs to be cut regularly. V. can do it if there is a tool. The cheap one costs about $130.

As I have made the needs known I feel I have done my part for now and believe the Lord will answer their prayers as He provides for His children in need.