Dear Friends and Supporters!

We have two new young women in our Home. This is Masha. She is from the small dying village of about 300 people.

The info of her passport was used somehow by thieves to borrow money. She did not know it until her bank accounts got blocked. As a result she was not able to pay the rent.

Her son got sick during the process of moving out of the flat, becoming homeless and having no food, and Masha was not able to work.

She has no relatives or friends who could help in that situation. She has applied to the court and we hope for a positive decision but do not know how long it will take…

This is Tanya. She came to find a job from the republic of Tyova. She was working delivering mail. In October her salary was cut in half but prices for food and transportation went up. So, she was not able to pay rent and buy enough food.

She had to leave her room and look for shelter. She and her boy became exhausted, sleeping in a new place every other night.

The boy cries a lot at night. He probably has nightmares. Seems he doesn’t feel secure. We do not know the solution of her situation yet. But we do know she and her boy need rest in secure place now.

Praise the Lord with your help we can provide for Masha and Tanya. We can give them, with your help, emotional support and food! It is a great opportunity for them to see the love of God. We pray God shows the right direction for these two and heal their wounds. Thank you for your help and care!

May God bless you. We love you.