Twenty or so years ago, I had a wonderful roommate and prayer partner as we served together in a Russian summer camp. Her name was Irina and she had traveled a long way from another part of Russia to join our team.

When I moved to Russia in 2004, I tried to contact Irina, but at that point she had married a Muslim, been cut off from her family and church fellowship, and wasn’t supposed to be in touch with me, either.

Fast-forward 15 years to 2019 and our friendship has been renewed thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Of course, Irina being back in contact means that she is no longer married to her Muslim husband, but finds herself a single mother of two with a huge mortgage and low-paying job at a local university. She is still estranged from her family, as well.

Although I have asked for prayer for Irina within the Stoneworks community I also have been looking for a way to help with her immediate material needs. The bank has been threatening to take possession of Irina’s apartment, which would leave her and her kids homeless. Although the bank has been threatening for months, Irina thinks action will be taken in the immediate future.

I’m looking for anyone wanting to help cover Irina’s debt (around ($1000) and also her living expenses (including mortgage payment of about $168) for a few months until she is able to figure out a better source of income. Funds can be transferred to me via Stoneworks, and will go to this ministry.


Liz (Hulley) Sukhovskaya

Contributions may be made on our Support Page. Choose “ALS: Liz Hulley Sukhovskaya” from the drop down menu, and be sure to add a memo indicating the purpose of your donation.