Dear Friends Family Supporters!

We have super new babies in our Family! The deaf boy who graduated from the Boys Family Home became a father. God gave him a son who is able to hear in spite of both deaf parents. Of course it is going to be a challenge for parents to raise the boy up. Leasha and his wife committed their lives to God. It changes the whole attitude. They trust that God gave the child and He will take care about the rest.

There is a new young mother Katya (the orphan grad) in a Single Mums home and her newborn son Misha. They made us happy by their arrival from the hospital a few days ago. Katya is happy to be a mother but she needs a lot of training and support. And Love. Her boyfriend gave her up as soon as he knew about her pregnancy. I just do not know how the girls handle that kind of situations: rejection after rejection…loneliness, no parents to take care. oh,my…

The girl with the big fish is the daughter of one of our grad Katya. Katya followed Vera’s advise to take the girl to a Zoological museum. The pictures came out so funny! The girl saw such things for the first time in her life — like dinosaur bones, huge fish and so on..

Praise God they all feel adopted into our family. Thank God for His mercy and amazing ways to rescue and save children.

Thank you for partner with us in this work of God. May God bless you. We love you very much.

Marina and us.

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