Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I hope that this letter is finding you in good spiritual and physical health, strength and mood.

It’s nothing new to tell you that time is going so quickly that we almost can’t follow it. But if you are sick and suffering because of Covid and your time is still running like crazy, then we are truly living in special time. It just happened to me, Vladimir. I am just now the third day out of quarantine where I went through Covid infection. I had 7 days of fever, sweating, experiencing awful smell in nose, breathing very short and just going through general weakness of the whole body. All of that was forcing me to stay in the bed almost all the time and even in such moments, time was running in front of my eyes! Marijana and I are praising the Lord that we didn’t have very serious symptoms and that our recovery is going really well.

Another brother from the church, Andrija, wasn’t of that case. He went through great difficulties when he got infected by Covid. Very soon as he got in hospital, he needed to get 40 liters of oxygen to be able to breathe. His doctor said that he came in last minute to hospital. We started to pray, activating other people to pray around the world and his situation in few days got rapidly better. His doctor said that she never has seen such quick recovery, she was expecting him to be in this new state in 15 days, not in three! That is our God who is answering the prayer. Andrija and his wife Sandra are great workers in spreading the Gospel in Montenegro and losing them would be great gap in this ministry. Our Lord is merciful not just for Andrija’s life but for people in Montenegro so they can get the tract and have chance to get saved. Andrija is still in hospital, but he is using opportunity to witness to people about the Savior. Now they are very open to listen. There is a person who is a neighbor of our church premises and also some other people that he knows them.

Teenage Camp

Because of Covid restrictions we were not quite sure if it will be possible to have a camp for teenagers but thanks to the Lord it was open and possible, and the blessings were flowing abundantly. Even my mom was able to join in and help with her experience in the kitchen so there were three generations to work together!


In the month of June-August we had a great joy to have two baptisms. Seven people got baptized! There were some people that were waiting for longer time to finally do it and confess Jesus visibly and publicly. We did it at the river that runs through the city and our current church premises is on that river bank.

Srdjan and Ruth

With great joy we are about to commend first couple from our church to be missionaries to another city in Montenegro. Srdjan was young man, 17 years old, when he came as refugee with his family from Bosnia to Montenegro during the war in 90’s. A men from our church became his friend and soon after started to witness him about Jesus, who is changing life. Srdjan gave his life to Jesus and started faithfully to follow Him and through the years proved to be honest and trustworthy man. Six years ago, Srdjan got special gift from the Lord, Ruth, who became a great helper in his life. It is a interesting life story how God crossed their paths. Both of them are excited to start a new way of life that both of them are believing it is the Lord’s calling to follow. Srdjan is still working in the factory as engineer, but in few months, they are planning to move to Kotor, a city on the coast where there is no gathering of believers. They will be joining effort with another missionary family from Germany that are working in the area. If you would like to get more information about Srdjan and Ruth or you would like to support them, please let me know.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and faithful support. We know that Covid messed up many life plans and maybe some lost their jobs, but we value even more your sacrifice knowing that you are going through difficult time but still giving. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

In His love,

Vladimir and Marijana

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