Dear Beloved Friends!

There is a Thanksgiving Day in my heart today!

I thank God for all you do to help children in any possible way and to support us as individuals. You helped with very essential things for the hospital they cried out for ️(they still cry out for some other things; if you get quiet you can probably hear it!)

That help was also an emotional support for the medical workers of that hospital, to know that someone cares they are not forgotten.

You helped buy food for the group of orphan girls to learn how to cook and eat what they really like. They go shopping for the food. They learn how to choose right things, what costs what. The counselor is very thankful to you for this opportunity to teach the girls this important life skill.


Please keep praying for one of the orphan grads N. Her boy has very serious health issues (she is pictured with the baby). N herself has some health problems (she mentioned having bad headaches after the baby was born).

Also we have an issue with one of the mothers in Moms’ Home. She can leave her little son at home and go away for a few hours without telling anyone. She is young and very pretty. Looks like she wants adventures and fun. But eventually she comes back, praise God. She still yells at her baby. The other mom works hard. She wants the best for her boy but she struggles with her emotions. We still do not know what happened in her life.

We believe in God’s Almighty Resurrection Power! Anything is possible in Him.

Have a good Easter season!

(Some of you read my letter just one sentence a day not to get bored, it is HAPPY Christmas for them, they know who they are…).

If you curious about our weather well it is snowing today. ️ ️The wind is from Arctic ️but we are HAPPY anyway.

Love you. God be with you all and always!

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