Hello dear friends.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and for your support. In these difficult times, your support is very important to us. I want to tell you a little about what is happening in our ministry and in the family.

Despite the many prohibitions due to quarantine, we try to live a full life and continue to do what the Lord has called us to do. We continued our ministry to adolescents and youth, held two camps for them. We used some of the imperfections of quarantine laws and gave the guys an unforgettable time.

We organized a tent camp in the forest and brought the guys in small groups of 10-12 people and for 2 days we went hiking, swam in the river, talked, every morning and every evening we read the Bible with the guys and testified to them about what Christ did in our life. This was a special time for many of the children to meet Jesus. For two weeks we had 5 groups, almost 50 people were blessed. Even in this camp we water baptized one girl from Soroka . Glory to Jesus. A few more children will be baptized  on August 30, God is good.

We also did repairs in the church building.

Everything is fine in our family. It is a pity that because of the quarantine we were unable to go to the sea this year, but life goes on and we are still in front. Two months ago, 3 new guys 2, 4 and 12 years old came to our family, two brothers and a sister, they became very friends with our other children and Victoria and I loved them very much. But the social service decided to send them to another family. This is a very difficult moment for us, it will probably be better for children. There are too many of us in the family, and there they will be one of the children and will be able to receive more attention and love from new adoptive parents.

And even in September, the school starts, and most likely it will be online training and it will be very difficult for us. It will be difficult for older children to study at home because of young children who cannot go to kindergarten due to quarantine. So today is a difficult day for us, but we will be able to see these children, since they will not be far from us and the family in which they will be familiar to us. And we talked with social workers that if there is a child who needs a family, we will be ready to accept him.

In a week we are organizing a camp for disabled teenagers and their parents. We expect that it will be 20-25 families. It will be an unforgettable time for all of us.

Once again, thank you so much for your support. Write down how you go through these difficult times. May God bless you and strengthen you. We love you, we hug you.

Victor Victoria and company.

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