Dear Friends. Here are some recent activities that we have been doing.

In August it was the time to get ready for school and we went shopping for school supplies together with the children.  We still have those open air markets with different stalls where you can find different kinds of goods and they are usually cheaper than at a “civilized” store.  It is quite an experience by itself and it was good to do it together with the girls. They got to pick stationery goods for themselves as well as backpacks.  Then we went to a store to buy shoes ( the shoes from a store come with a 3 month warranty while the market provides none).  It was a special time to be together  when the girls got to choose what they liked and also to explain to them what would be good and useful for them. And it was truly a blessing that everyone was happy with everything in the end.

Now I am back to the usual school routine which is always a challenge but every day gives an opportunity to serve.  It is both humbling and joyful.

One more of our routines that has been going  really well  – is feeding the children who come to church on Sundays. I buy groceries and they get to make sandwiches and tea and eat together and learn how to serve each other this way.

And I also want to share that God saved my life this week.  I have to drive from the village where  I live to the village where I work and the road goes through the forest.  Sometimes I get to see squirrels, hares and even deer there.  But I was not prepared at all when a moose ran across the road just in the front of the car. It all happened so quickly, I pushed the brakes but still he touched the right side of the car and vanished in the forest the same very moment.  The car got damaged and is not drivable now. But I am safe, and hope the moose is fine too.

God is good . He has His purpose for everything, I am sure.

I praise Him for the work He is doing .

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