It was a really intense summer and I am very thankful for all the experiences that I have had together with Anya. It’s sad she was unable to enter university, but now I visit Anya regularly at the Family Home (we keep having our English classes) and so glad to see her doing so well there. I got to know her family more, especially when they had a crisis situation when her siblings were about to be taken to the shelter. We helped them with some necessary supplies (like diapers for the baby and some groceries), then together with the sisters from the Family Home spent a day cleaning their home, and it was so good that Yasha could fix the heating. Now the authorities are watching this family closely and we hope and pray that the mother and her other three kids will stay together as a family.

Starting from September I am back to the academic schedule at Papernya village school. I always appreciate the routine it brings. The school system itself is difficult, but my students make it the most wonderful place to be at. I love them. Also this September I was offered a job at a newly opened private Christian school. It was so tempting to accept it and I hoped I somehow could teach at both places enjoying the atmosphere of the Christian school. But after taking a few days to consider it I had to say no because I would not have enough energy and strength to do both. And what is more important, it helped me realize so clearly once again that God put me in Papernya school at this time and for these children. I am so privileged to be serving with what I have to offer to them in Christ.

The girls from Syomkovo village come to visit regularly (almost every day). We still have the same routine with them but also new issues as they are growing. We have experienced our ups and downs. And I should say I must be growing with them too.